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Spring Is Here: Why Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Schedule A Termite Inspection

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If you haven't had your home inspected for termites in a few years, now's the perfect time to schedule an inspection. Many people think that winter is the right time to schedule a termite inspection, but that's not necessarily the case. During the colder months, termites tend to hide, which makes them more difficult to find. That's why you need to schedule your termite inspections during the spring and summer months. Since spring is now underway, it's time to schedule an inspection. If you're still not sure that this is the right time for a termite inspection, read the list provided below. You'll find four important reasons to schedule your termite inspection as soon as possible. 

There's More Moisture

Now that spring is here, you've probably noticed an increase in moisture, especially with the increased rainstorms. If you've noticed an increase in moisture, so have the termites. That's because termites need plenty of moisture to survive. What you might not realise is that the ground isn't the only thing absorbing water. Your home is absorbing water as well. Unfortunately, that makes your home more attractive to termites, especially where the wood is the dampest. Before the wood begins to dry out, schedule a termite inspection. That way, you can catch them in the act. 

There's Warmer Weather

In addition to moisture, termites also thrive in warm weather. As stated earlier, termites go into hiding during the fall and winter months, when the temperatures are at their coldest. However, once the weather warms up, termites come out of hiding. This is when they start to expand their colonies, and go out in search of food. To identify the infestation more easily, schedule a termite inspection while the weather is warm. 

There's Better Vegetation

If you want to ensure the best chance to find active termite infestations, it's best to inspect when there's plenty of fresh vegetation in your yard. You might not realise this, but termites tend to hide and forage in the vegetation around the yard. Not only do termites feed on the vegetation, but they also use it as an access point to your home. This is especially true of the vegetation that's growing closest to the foundation of your home. That's why spring is the best time to schedule your termite inspection. 

There's Plenty of Company

Finally, if you think you have termites in your home, don't forget to schedule a pest inspection this spring. During the spring, swarmers come out to find mates. Swarmers are the reproductive force behind termite colonies. They're the termites with the wings. When you schedule your termite inspection during the spring, the winged swarmers will provide clues as to where the active colonies are in your home. In most cases, your inspector will be able to see the swarmers exiting your home through the access points they created.