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How to Termite Proof Your Property

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Keeping termites off your property can be a constant battle if you live in an area where termites are prevalent. Prevention is the most effective way of controlling termites. But you need to be vigilant because termites can attack without warning. And when they do, you'll need professional assistance to eradicate and remove them.

If you have been having problems with termites invading your property, then the following tips can help you learn how to keep them away.

Eliminate standing water and leaks

Termites need to stay hydrated at all times. This is why they avoid sunlight and gravitate to sources of moisture near the soil. Check your property for standing water and remove it. If you have an outdoor tap or air conditioning unit, ensure that they don't leak. Any water source that leaks into the soil will draw the attention of foraging termites.

Remove all dead wood from your property

Go through your yard and remove all dead wood, such as dead vegetation, old fencing materials, firewood piles, etc. If you do have to store wood, keep it up high, off the ground.

Don't plant vegetation along the foundation

If you place plants and bushes along your home's foundation, you may bring termites directly to your home. Termites will be drawn to the woody material of the plants as well as the water you use to water them. Those termites could then enter your home through cracks in the foundation or even a window ledge.

Trim your trees and clear up old branches and twigs

Termites will eat the dead parts of a tree too. So cut dead branches off your tree. And termites will go for the fallen dead branches and twigs, so you also need to remove them to keep termite foragers away from your property. Remember too that termites can traverse a tree branch to your home if possible, so this is a reason to keep your trees well trimmed.

Seal cracks in your outdoor furniture

Drywood termites are a menace too. But these termites fly and look for crevices and cracks in wood and wooden furniture. To prevent these pests from building colonies in your furniture, seal all cracks, holes, and crevices in your outdoor furniture.

Learn to keep your lights off if you see a termite swarm

If you notice termites have started swarming one humid, rainy evening, switch off your outdoor lights and close your curtains. Flying termites are drawn to light. You don't need two mating swarmers mating and building a colony somewhere on your property.

Have termites started to appear on your property? Then you may need the assistance of a termite removal service. Call someone in pest control today to arrange an inspection of your property.