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3 Additional Building Inspections You Might Need Before A Purchase

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When it comes to building inspections, many property buyers are confused about what is included in a standard inspection. They often assume that a building inspection means that everything about the building will be checked and evaluated, but this is not the case. A standard inspection notes the structural integrity of a building or residential house and anything that is dictated by local building codes, such as plumbing pipes and electrical wires.

This leaves many issues with a building or home unchecked, which is why a buyer would do well to consider having the following inspections done before even considering a purchase.

1. Air quality

An air quality inspection can check for radon, mold, and other contaminants. This can let you know if the building will need a cleanup in order to be safe for occupants, and let you know if you need strong air filters due to high dust content in the air. This is especially important for children and anyone with breathing disorders, as their weaker lungs may be more sensitive to air pollution.

2. Asbestos

Asbestos is an insulating material that is linked to some very serious forms of cancer. It was used some decades ago before contractors knew the dangers of this material. If it's in a building, it should either be contained or removed so that it doesn't become airborne. A standard building inspection often doesn't check for traces of asbestos, so depending on the building's age, it would be good to consider having this inspection done.

3. Pest infestation

Checking for pest infestations can ensure that your building is protected from damage from termites and rodents, and can also ensure your overall health as well. Pests bring with them unhealthy and unsanitary dander and droppings that are often held in carpet fibres and the ductwork of a building or home, and can also chew away at building materials including electrical wiring. A pest infestation inspection can include looking for signs of termite damage or rodents in the attic, which may be an indicator that the roof has holes that allow them in. You can then schedule a pest control company to have them removed and do any repairs to a building before the damage gets worse. For more information, contact a specialist like All Pest Solutions.

Remember too that a building inspection of any sort is different than an appraisal. These inspections won't tell you what the building is worth or if the asking price is too high, so consider an appraisal in addition to any inspections you have done.