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The Bedbug Menace: 3 Tips on How to Kick the Blood-Sucking Insects out of Your Home

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Bedbugs have been a real nuisance in most homes for years. Despite numerous efforts to kick them out, they still find a way back. Sometimes, it is the tactics you use that are ineffective. For instance, isolating an infested room so that you can starve them will never work because bedbugs can live without food for a year.

If the methods you have tried have not worked so far, try these tips for effective eradication:

1.Suck them Out

Bedbugs hide in places where the human hand cannot easily reach such as wooden cracks. With the help of a vacuum, you can suck them out and destroy them. Before you begin, use a stiff brush attachment to scrape the surface of your mattress back and forth. This helps to get the bedbugs out of hiding. For seams and crevices, use a nozzle.

Vacuum anything that is made of wood or fabric including mattresses, bed frames, rugs, carpets, furniture cushions, and underneath all furniture and drawers. Let your vacuum run for some few minutes to allow all bedbugs to settle in the vacuum bag.

Get rid of the vacuum bag in a white plastic bag or any other bag which will enable you to spot the insects easily. Finally, clean all the tools you have used with detergent and hot water before storing them in a plastic bag.

2.Spray them With Alcohol

Spray bedbugs with diluted rubbing alcohol but take care not to spray the alcohol on absorbent items, such as bedding, clothing or areas that are close to open flames. You should repeat this treatment method frequently since bedbug eggs are not easily killed by alcohol-based sprays.

3.Freeze them to Death

Alcohol may not kill the eggs easily but cold temperatures surely can. Place your clothing, bedding, pillows, and other items you may consider infected in your deep-freezer for at least four days to destroy the insects together with their eggs. Use a thermometer to ensure the temperature of your freezer reads below 12 F (-12° C) during the operation and do not open it once it is on.

But despite sleeping comfortably like a champion after kicking out bedbugs, it is still wise to seek the services of pest control experts. You can learn from professionals about safety measures or more advanced methods of dealing with bedbugs. Recently, a man sustained second degree burns in his car after trying to drown bedbugs in alcohol.