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How to Deal With a Mice Infestation When You Have a Dog

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Eek! There are mice in the house. You need to get rid of them, but you also want to ensure your extermination methods are safe for your dog. Here is what you need to do to achieve both of those goals:

1. Seal up the dog food.

Traditionally, dog food is kept near the floor, just where mice can reach it perfectly. You need to remedy this situation if you want to end your infestation. Put bags of dog food inside plastic storage containers or if you have large bags, metal garbage bins with lids.

Don't keep dog food out in the bowl overnight. Before you go to bed, empty the bowl and sweep up any crumbs in that area. Also, try to keep the rest of your home as crumb free as possible.

2. Keep glue and snap traps out of the way.

Once you've cleared potential rodent snacks from your home, it's time to set some traps. If you decide to use sticky traps or snap traps, you need to place them out of the way. Try inside cabinets or pantries. Alternatively, set the traps in the evening, keep your dog in your room or his kennel, and pick them up before you let him out in the morning.

You don't want your curious pup getting hurt from a snap trap or having a sticky trap stuck to his paw. However, if your pup does get stuck to a trap, use oil to weak the adhesives and gently remove it.

3. Use poison cautiously.

If you don't like sticky or snap traps, you may opt for poison, but you need to use it very carefully. Always place the poison in places where your dog cannot reach it. If he ingests the poison, it could make him very ill. It depends on the type of poison, the amount ingested and the size of your dog as well as other factors.

In addition, you don't want your dog eating a mouse that has ingested poison. In some cases, if the poison has been digested, it may not hurt your dog, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Monitor your dog carefully while the poison is out so you are instantly aware if he happens upon a carcass or a dying mouse, and you can stop him from gobbling it up.

4. Consider live traps.

Live traps are a great option if you have a dog. These traps look like a black box with a lid. You bait them, the mice enter, and they cannot leave. When the trap is full, you empty it. It doesn't pose any risk to your dog.

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