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DIY Tips to Prevent Pigeons from Roosting

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Having to deal with a pigeon infestation can prove to be quite an inconvenience for homeowners. First, the cacophony of the birds would be irritating. Secondly, their droppings can deface the different structures on your property. In addition to this, the uric acid that is present in the pigeon droppings can begin to damage the finish on your vehicles, paint and more. Leaving pigeons to continue to roost on your property can also pose a health risk as there is an array of bacteria that breed in their droppings and these could cause diseases such as cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis and more. This is why it is prudent to eliminate a pigeon infestation before it gets out of hand. The following are some DIY tips that any homeowner can use to prevent pigeons from roosting on their property.

Erect bird spikes around your property

One of the easiest ways of deterring pigeons from roosting on the different areas of your property is by erecting spikes. Pigeons tend to look for comfortable places where they can loaf. Loafing refers to how the pigeons rest as they keep an eye out for food that they can forage on. By erecting spikes on their favourite loafing spots, they end up not having a comfortable place to land. One of the areas that you should consider is your roof, as this tends to be the most popular loafing spot for pigeons.

Bird spikes can be bought from any hardware store. You also have the option of creating your own bird spikes by hammering nails into panels of wood, then securing these panels around your home. It should be noted that bird spikes should only be secured in areas where children and pets cannot come into contact with them so as to avoid injury.

Secure string in areas prone to pigeons

Another DIY method of eliminating pigeons from your property is by using string. To do this, you should purchase weatherproof string. This type of string will not prematurely succumb to the elements, so you would not have to worry about replacing it on a regular basis. Once you have the string erected on two posts at opposite ends in the areas that are popular for pigeon loafing, you're in business.

When the posts are security in place, suspend the weatherproof string between them. Ensure that there is no sag on the weatherproof string. Instead, it should be as tight and taut as it possible can. The string ensures that the pigeons do not have a sufficient amount of space to land. Since they cannot balance on the taut string, you effectively prevent them from loafing on your property.

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