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Australia's top three pest control issues and how to deal with them

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Whether they are attracted by the climate, food scraps in the city or appear as a side effect of local construction projects, living in Australia typically means you are going to have to deal with some sort of pest control issue at some point as a homeowner. While it can be worrying to find that you have an infestation, or potential infestation, Australians have been dealing with this for generations.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the top pests you might come into contact with, so that you can quickly identify and know how to treat potential problems before they do any serious damage to your property. 

1. Mice

Whether you are in an urban environment where mice seek out food in people's homes, or in a rural area where your home provides an attractive shelter from Australia's unpredictable and often dangerous weather conditions, mice coming into people's homes has been a problem challenging humans for hundreds of years. While typically they do not seem like they could pose an immediate threat, they cause hygiene issues and can cause structural damage so it is important that any infestations are treated seriously.

The most immediate way people become aware of a mouse problem is by seeing droppings left around the house. Typically, mice do not come out when people are in the room, however you might see what seems like shadows moving very quickly through doorways and under curtains. If this happens to you, it is time to act. 

Mice are treated with mouse traps, and while you can lay them yourself it is generally more effective to call in an expert who can identify the best place to put the traps and use superior poison and bait in order to get the job done.

2. Termites

Termites are a major structural issue, wreaking havoc on wooden structures in your home, damaging the foundation of your home.

Termites are small and hard to spot, but the signals they leave behind can quickly become worrying to homeowners. They eat through wood, so look out for any damage on doors, changing in the hollowness of wooden fixtures or cracks which do not have an obvious (i.e. slamming doors) explanations.

The only way to treat termites is through professional extermination, and this will take over your entire house. You may have to move out, so it is important that you get a professional over as soon as possible to investigate any initial signs of damage.

3. Wasps 

Everyone knows why wasps are not a pest you want anywhere near your home. They are painful at best, but at their worst they can be a lethal force bringing serious risks to your family and pets, as well as being a scary and intimidating problem to deal with. Typically, a wasp colony will build a new nest in the summer, favouring sheltered outdoor spaces although they sometimes venture into homes, for example inside your roof.

They will make themselves quickly apparent with their increased activity and noise. Only a professional can remove a nest, as attempting to do so improperly will cause the wasps to become aggravated and increase their desire to sting.