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Warm Weather Worries: Two Pests You Need To Get Rid Of Now!

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Spring has arrived early in Australia, and already the temperatures are starting to warm up. Two annoying pests which like to emerge into your life in the spring are spiders and termites. Termites are a big problem because of the damage they do, and spiders are a pest which likes to scare home inhabitants. If you are someone who has not had to deal with pest control before, these are the points you need to know about these two sun-loving pests and tips on how to control them.


Springtime is baby-hatching time for spiders, which means your house guest is bringing the whole family out and about with them. During the winter months, spiders hide in the dark recesses of your home, eating little insects which are taking refuge from the cold outside. However, once spring arrives, they are seen more often during the day as they hunt for food. Most Australian spiders are harmless, and since they eat other insects like mosquito, flies, and cockroaches, they do play a part in keeping down the insect population of your home. However, funnel web and redback spiders are poisonous to humans, and they need to be evicted. Call a pest controller to spray inside your home to send the spiders packing.


Termites cause damage to homes in Australia every year, and if you are not educated on signs of termite infestation, thousands of dollars of damage can be done right under your nose. Spring is the time when winged termites called alates can be seen buzzing around your home. Termite alates are attracted to light, so you may see them buzzing around your outdoor lights or the streetlight near your home. If you see winged alates, then there is a termite nest nearby. The possibility of a termite nest inside your home needs to be confirmed by a professional pest controller. They can determine the entry and exit points of the termite, and will also be able to advise how much damage has been done and how best to get rid of them.

Don't let spiders and termites take over your home this spring. Getting a pest controller into your home now means you won't be dealing with a pest issue for long. Most pest sprays can be done in a few hours and are quickly effective. So the sooner you get started, the faster you'll say goodbye to pests.