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The Dangers Posed by Not Seeking Professional Flea Control Services

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When it comes to pest control, homeowners tend to focus on vermin such as rats, possums and insects like termites. And although these critters are harmful to have around in the home, they are not the only dangerous pests that you should be wary of. One pest that tends to be underrated until an infestation occurs is fleas. When compared to other pests, fleas have an exceptionally high survival rate. Thus, when you notice these pets in your home, it is critical to seek flea control services immediately or the infestation will become challenging to eliminate down the road. This article highlights a few serious dangers posed by a flea infestation so that you can enlist flea control services immediately.

Parasitic infections

What you may not know about fleas is that they pose the risk of parasitic infections in your pets. Tapeworms are parasites that are found frequently on fleas. And although the flea cannot pass on the tapeworm when sucking your pet's blood, there is the likelihood that your pet can ingest the fleas when they are biting the itchy skin. Once the tapeworm-ridden flea is in ingested, the parasite will take up residence in your pet's digestive system, and this puts your pet at risk of malnutrition and rapid weight loss. Therefore, if you do see signs of fleas in your home, you should seek pest control services before your pet's health is at risk.


Another threat that is posed by fleas in your home is anaemia in your pets. This could happen in two main ways. When fleas feed on young pets, some of them may develop an allergic reaction, which in turn causes them to bleed excessively. Secondly, if your house has a full-blown infestation, it could mean that too many fleas are feeding on your pet, which results in a decreased count of red blood cells. Anaemia may seem minor at the onset, but you should note that this condition could be fatal if your pet does not receive the proper treatment. Not only should you have flea control specialists fumigate your home but you should also increase the iron in your pet's diet.

Cat scratch fever

You may have been under the impression that fleas will only be bothersome to you and not pose a health risk, but this is not the case. Fleas also can transfer diseases to humans with the most common one being cat scratch fever. This disease starts with a high fever and an overall feeling of fatigue. Over time, your lymph nodes will swell and feel inflamed. It is essential to see medical assistance and have your home fumigated.